Buses towards Norwich Gardens, Bulwell Hall and Morrisons

Mon to Sat

Bulwell Bus Station094010401140124014401540
Norwich Gardens094510451145124514451545
Grindon Crescent095010501150125014501550
Bulwell Hall, The Swinger095510551155125514551555
Morrisons Car Park095910591159125914591559
Bulwell Bus Station100411041204130415041604

Buses towards Morrisons, Bulwell Hall and Norwich Gardens

Mon to Sat

Bulwell Bus Station---10101110121014101510
Morrisons Car Park---10161116121614161516
Grindon Crescent---10191119121914191519
Bulwell Hall, The Swinger---10241124122414241524
Norwich Gardens093010301130123014301530
Bulwell Bus Station093510351135123514351535

Buses towards Blenheim Industrial Estate

Mon to Fri

Bulwell Bus Station1348
Dabell Avenue, terminus1355

Buses towards Bulwell Bus Station

Mon to Sat

Dabell Avenue, terminus1403
Bulwell Bus Station1410

NS – Does not operate on Saturdays



Locallink will follow the route shown and use all the bus stops on the green route.


Hail and Ride

The Grindon Crescent section of this route is Hail and Ride. This means that buses will stop where requested but only where it is safe to do so. To catch the bus simply signal the driver by holding your arm out.


On Demand

For passengers living on Rock Street, Lawton Drive and Longford Crescent the Locallink can call on demand. You must book pick ups in advance by calling 0800 328 3497. If you wish to be dropped off in these areas please inform the driver when you get on the bus.


Blenheim Industrial Estate

Locallink will also run a lunchtime service from Bulwell Bust station to Blenheim Industrial Estate and back again