L75 Stops Bar

Buses towards Burton Joyce

Mon to Fri only

Netherfield, Morrisons1005120514051605
Netherfield, Kingsley Dr, Rochester Ave1008120814081608
Netherfield, Morris St1010121014101610
Stoke Bardolph, Stoke Ln1020122014201620
Burton Joyce, Foxhill Rd1025122514251625

Buses towards Netherfield

Mon to Fri only

Burton Joyce, Foxhill Rd102512251425
Stoke Bardolph, Stoke Ln103012301430
Netherfield, Morris St104012401440
Netherfield, Kingley Dr, Rochester Ave104212421442
Netherfield, Morrisons104512451445

R – Continues on request to set down only

Locallink will follow the route shown and use all bus stops on the green route